L&S Chart

L&S Chart is the only L&S indicator that is displayed directly on the chart. It is made of two things: an EMA ribbon and dots.


The EMA Ribbon is a classic EMA ribbon and you can choose the length of the EMAs in the settings. The color of our ribbon indicates the trend, when it is light blue, the trend is bearish and when it is navy blue it is bullish. Since the EMA ribbon is a traditional technical indicator we will not go into details about it. You will find many articles on the internet about it, for example this one

Tired of switching from higher time frames to lower time frames to have a more accurate view of the market? L&S dots are here to spot divergences in the trend. If the dot is green it means that lower time frames are starting to show signs of bullish reversal. If the dot is red, bears are taking control of the lower time frames. You can decided which lower time frames L&S will screen, you can select up to four different lower time frames. You can also make it work with higher time frames, so you do not have to zoom-out.

For example, if you like trading on the 6H you can ask L&S to screen the 4H, 2H, 1H and 30m.